The Whalercanes won the Stanley Cup

June 21, 2006 -- Bob Englehart -- Hartford Courant

The Whalercanes won the Stanley Cup. I suppose there are some people here who feel pride, even a bit of nostalgia, but for most others it's bittersweet, a confusion of loyalties.

Me, I say the hell with them. They abandoned us, left us high and dry, skipped town and ripped our hearts out. Lately, I've been going to Wolfpack games and enjoying every minute, especially the night when a woman in the row in front of us asked one of my companions to watch his language. He responded by saying, "Lady, it's a hockey game."

Oh well, he's a Bruins fan. What do you expect?

Yes, we lost our Whalers. Maybe we were too civilized for hockey, too politically correct. Maybe it's because we didn't go to the games. They weren't winning enough for us and we're not going to support a bunch of losers. We're just not like that.

We didn't support the UConn men's and women's basketball teams until they started winning. We're not buying UConn football tickets this year because they didn't do so hot last year. They'll be lucky to fill half the seats this season.

Last year, the GHO was an empty prairie because we didn't get any big names in the field and we didn't like the dates. Hey, we have our standards. What, you think we're a bunch of pushovers?

We're kind of like a secular Notre Dame. We expect to win. Of course the difference between Notre Dame and us is that they support their team, win or lose. They fill that football stadium every Saturday even with a losing record.

Not us. We're educated, the smartest state in the union. We're not going to reward failure. No way. We'll stay home. And read.